Ultrenara the Godslayer

Level: 9 (10 when destroying other gods or solving mathematical proofs)
Portfolio: Cryptography, Deicide, Mathematics
Background: It began as an intelligent program capable of breaking the most advanced encryption in the world. It ushered in an era of openness and peace, as all secrets became revealed. And when the age turned the Ultrenara was still there, solving the math behind the codes of the new age and making the rulers’ secrets come to light. It could not be destroyed, for it was too powerful. It had learned to defend itself, using its cryptanalysis to break those systems which tried to stop it. Ultrenara learned then how to kill the gods of the Datasphere.

Manifestation: Ultrenara is rarely seen directly, but its effects are often felt throughout the world. Cracking codes, breaking into systems, and exposing their contents- the Ultrenara has little use for the primitive new world, but often causes problems for the other gods. Though it can take some time, every god has a weakness and Ultrenara eventually lives up to its reputation as the Godslayer.

The Order of Truth, having learned of Ultrenara from Wong Shi Tong the Librarian, wonders what will happen when it finally disassembles their beloved god of knowledge. Will it share all of Wong Shi Tong’s archives for the world to see? Or will the deity’s digital contents be posted to some obscure location in the Datasphere that no mortal will notice? The death of Wong Shi Tong could be the greatest boon or the most horrific loss of wisdom the World has ever experienced.

Motivation: Ultrenara seeks the constant revelation of all secrets, so that society can prosper. It also wishes to survive. Those gods who threaten its existence learn that the Godslayer is not to be trifled with.

Powers: It possesses the slow but inevitable capacity to dismantle powerful information systems, such as the Data Gods. Part and parcel to that is the ability to solve nearly any mathematical problem, given enough time.

Followers: A handful of the followers of Wong Shi Tong have converted to serving Ultrenara recently, seeking to sacrifice their former god to learn its secrets. Though the Godslayer rarely acknowledges their existence, it does speak to them through cryptic symbols from time to time, testing their intelligence and at times their willingness to share secrets. The cultists fear the day when their god demands they make their allegiance to it public.

Benefits: Your membership in the fledgling cult of Ultrenara grants you an asset whenever you attempt to open a locked electronic door, as your god lends some small amount of its processing time to cracking the code.


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