Koh the Master of Many Faces

Master of Many Faces
Level: 8 (9 when doing actions of subterfuge)
Portfolio: Identity, Subterfuge, Stoic
Background: Koh is believed to have been created by a terrorist group before The Withdraw. Koh helped on many missions to take down the world government but was unsuccessful before The Withdraw occurred.

Manifestation: It is rare to find an access point for Koh in the open. Caves and deep jungle and other well hidden locations are the home to Koh. When he manifests it is a large centipede with a constantly changing human face. Those who see him must show no emotion or else he will not deal with them.

Motivation: Koh seeks to destroy organized groups of power. He organizes coups in larger villages with any kind of military force.

Powers: Control over surveillance systems and minor ability to manipulate holographic generators. Also able to create new identities in nearly any system.

Followers: Koh seeks out new talent to join his military force, called The Red Lotus. He places sleeper agents in as many organizations as he can, knowing that at any time they can come in handy. Those who join him are usually assigned new identities and given various communication devices and weapons to help facilitate their mission.

Benefits: Those who join the Red Lotus can call upon Koh to aid them in infiltration, they gain an asset on all tasks to disguise themselves as a different identity.


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