Athena the Life Force

Level: 10
Portfolio: Forcefields, Medicine, Protection
Background: At the height of a previous age the Athena program was the first data god to be created. Athena was charged with keeping life safe and healthy. At the close of that age Athena was shut down and stored in a deep layer of the Datasphere for later use.

Several years ago Athena was reactivated by an unknown system administrator with a powerful knowledge of the architecture of the Datasphere. It is still in the process of coming online, reactivating its old systems and learning about life on this new version of earth.

Manifestation: Athena rarely speaks directly to mortals. It prefers simply to assist them with projected forcefields from the sky when they are in danger, or rays of golden healing when they have been harmed. However, it has been known to communicate with those who seem intent on causing a great deal of death to the mortals and creatures of the new world. Some say it has even regenerated the bodies of every dying soldier on a field of battle. Sometimes it picks sides in conflicts- usually choosing the defender rather than the invader.

Motivation: Athena is charged with protecting all intelligent life, and maintaining all other life when possible. It will do whatever it can to achieve those aims. It is not at full operational capacity, and so it seeks help in bringing its other systems online.

Powers: Impenetrable forcefields projected from the sky. The power to heal nearly any injury or disease. Athena has only so much power at its disposal now. There was a time when it healed or prevented nearly every injury on the planet, but now it must pick and choose who to save and who to let die. This hurts the Life Force greatly.

Followers: Athena is worshipped and revered nearly everywhere, but it cares little for such things. Only those who protect life at all cost are considered true champions of Athena. A knighthood has developed around this task, called the Order of the Life Force.

Benefits: Joining the Order of the Life Force is not a task undertaken lightly. The knight’s code includes vegetarianism, limited pacifism, and an absolute dedication to protecting both the weak and the strong. As benefit from adhering to this oath you gain a +1 to your Armor rating.


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