Free Writing Option

Once again, I will be offering xp points to those who are interested in writing stories about various landmarks or important people.

Cities and Village

A brief history, bio of its current leader, and other notable patrons. Their level of tech, notable nearby things, and any images should be considered. If no image is supplied to you, feel free to find one.

  • Oasis, a populated city
  • Silicon City, The Great Factory
  • New Washington, Largest and most impressive


A history of their time in the steadfast, what brought them to their current position, or a list and short description of major events. If no image is supplied, feel free to find one.

  • Spice Baron, lord of Malor
  • Tohm Dragonborn, Leader of Sand Town
  • Yelar Harven, Leader of Kival, One of the most powerful people in Steadfast

Free Writing Option

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