Light Armor

Combat Jacket

Cost: 10 credits
This light material gives some moderate amount of protection to the user but is still weighty for long term use.

Medium Armor

Protective Suit

Cost: 100 credits
Capable of taking more damage than the combat jacket, the protective suit is the most common form of armor among village militia.

Heavy Armor

Heavy Combat Armor

Cost: 300 credits
This suit of armor provides the wearer with heavy protection.

Kinetic Armor

Cost: 5000 credits
Power: 4 / 6
Some of the strongest materials in the steadfast make up this suit. Intelligent enough to reshape itself to the wearer and provide some additional strength and mobility to its user. Those that wear this armor only lose speed points as if this were a medium armor. The suit also provides is wearer a 1 level positive adjustment on melee and running tasks and due to its advanced materials provides a total of 4 points of armor. But this suit comes at a cost, it must be constantly power by a level 6 power source in-order to operate at full condition. The user loses the bonus to melee and running if the suit only has 4 power. If less than 4 power is provided the suit ceases to function, the user must attempt a strength 4 task in order to move an immediate distance as his only action that turn.

Exotic Protection

Synth Skin

Cost: 1500 credits
Power: 3
Comprised of a weave of carbon nano tubes and advanced optics, this piece of armor does more than protect its wearer.Those that wear this gain an asset in tasks to hide and move stealthily as the synth skin changes color and texture to blend in with its background. This suit requires a constant power level 3 to operate.

Kinetic Barrier

Cost: 4000 credits
Power: 7
A device that is commonly only found in vehicles, this barrier has been designed for personal use. It generates a field of energy that reduces all kinetic attacks, granting the user 2 points of armor. But this field generator requires a large amount of power to operate; the user of this device must supply it with a level 7 power source constantly, or it will cease to function.


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