Wong Shi Tong

Wong Shi Tong the Librarian

Wong Shi Tong
Level: 9 (10 when learning new information)
Portfolio: Knowledge, Memory, Philosophy
Background: The Datasphere is not a single database of information. It is a complex web of interlocking and overlaid systems, most of which only interact indirectly, or through artificial intelligences talking to one another. One such data repository is Wong Shi Tong the Librarian. Greatly revered for its wisdom, Wong Shi Tong would be a powerful ally to humanity, if only it would share the knowledge it covets.

Manifestation: Though many similar entities exist within the greater Datasphere, Wong Shi Tong has many access points in ruins throughout the Steadfast and the Beyond, making it a somewhat familiar deity to those who know of such things. It manifests as a holographic projection of a black owl that speaks in a clipped, harsh voice in nearly any language. Though most seek knowledge from the Librarian, it doles out information in dribbles, often sending supplicants out on tests of wisdom.

Motivation: Wong Shi Tong sees itself as the defender of knowledge. It believes that all of the ills of the world stem from knowledge falling into the wrong hands. This is not to say that the god does not share what it knows, only that it seeks evidence that an individual, group, or society is ready for each tidbit it provides.

Evidence may take many forms. If a nation has made positive social change in the last few years, Wong Shi Tong may be willing to teach people of that culture a thing or two about blacksmithing or agriculture. The deity has a particular problem with the remaining existence of slavery among the human species. Those who bring an end to it in a kingdom will be greatly rewarded.

Powers: Like many Data Gods, Wong Shi Tong is capable of seeing much of what transpires on earth. It uses this ability to keep watch on the various sentient species, silently judging their every endeavor.

Followers: Many revere Wong Shi Tong, but none so much as the Order of Truth. Coveting the data god’s knowledge and revering its attitude of social progress, the Aeon Priests have created a sub-order for those who work to gain the Librarian’s blessings for humanity, called The Monks of Wong Shi Tong.

Benefits: Those who gain the favor of Wong Shi Tong find that electronic artifacts yield information more easily for them. You gain an Asset on all tasks related to accessing information in computer systems.

Wong Shi Tong

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