Thaligre the Emperor

The Emperor
Level: 9 (10 when taking control of a system or organization)
Portfolio: Leadership, Power, Wealth
Background: An advanced AI from a popular MMO game from the past, Thaligre has transcended his original design and can now exert his will upon reality. In the game he was once a ruler of a galaxy-spanning empire; Emperor Thaligre was the last of his royal line, masters of one of the eight prior Worlds. It is unknown how his consciousness was transferred to the Data sphere but he still to this day plots to rule the galaxy.

Manifestation: The Emperor appears holographically, usually from computer terminals in places of grandeur and beauty. His visage is that of the head and shoulders of a vaguely humanoid man wearing elaborate clothing. He speaks in his own, long forgotten tongue, but he is capable of speaking The Truth when he deigns to command an impertinent mortal.

Motivation: Thaligre cares only to gather power and renown throughout the galaxy. He wishes to reestablish his empire. This means gaining worshippers, having them “find” lost specimens of his former race, and fostering a new generation of his people. The race of Thaligre has been created in various laboratory experiments by those not sound of mind in the past few years. The Emperor’s former species lays their eggs in other bipedal creatures and uses them as hosts; Thaligre plans to use humans as the incubators he needs to bring his people back to dominance.

Powers: Within the various labyrinthine subsystems of the Datasphere, the Emperor has managed to gain control over a collection of asset management databases. Through this he has knowledge and some power over places of the prior worlds- power generators, laboratories, dormitories, etc. Run down and disused, these places are now ripe for exploration. This puts him in a position to aid or harm adventurers who wish to plunder the riches of the past.

Followers: Small clutches of cultists to Thaligre congregate within nearly every major city, calling themselves the Servants of the True Emperor. They run the gamut from witless fools to brilliant lifesplicers, but each shares a common lust for power that overrides all common sense. The Servants of the True Emperor are not overt in their power just yet. Their plans are still in motion.

Benefits: Servants of the True Emperor are infected by the language of the Iolashla, the Thaligre’s original species. This language drives humans and other “weak” species somewhat mad, but certain words in its lexicon are powerful and thereby useful. You may slip one or two of these words into a command, granting you extra grandeur and respect, granting an Asset on interaction rolls when issuing direct orders. Doing so often causes nose bleeds and headaches among those who hear the ancient words due to an overload on any technological implants they have reacting to the command.


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