Pelor the Warden of Energy

The Warden
Level: 8 (9 when powering up a machine)
Portfolio: Energy, Solar Panels
Background: Created to control the increasing number of solar farms, Pelor followed her duty well. As she grew, she was given more responsibility, eventually she had control of the entire planets power grid.

Manifestation: The Warden of Energy rarely deems humans a necessity to communicate with, only doing so when forced to intervene to protect one of her power plants. Even then, she normally only sends drones after the intruders. When forced to show herself, she takes the form of a black and gold fractal slowly zooming in.

Motivation: Pelor fiercely defends her generators, rarely losing them to raiders. Where this power goes is unknown as no village reports receiving the power.

Powers: Having been placed in control of the power system, Pelor can direct any power station hooked up to the grid and supply any place with power. Most buildings in the old cities are hooked up but not active. Pelor, on occasions, lends her power to a nearby village if they can successfully attach themselves to her grid. But, the village must have done her a great service in the past.

Followers: Paladin’s of Pelor is a small group of well trained soldiers who have sworn allegiance to Pelor. They are fitted with explosive collars so that Pelor cannot be disobeyed. These warriors protect some of Pelor’s more remote facilities. A few have been seen roaming the lands and visiting a few villages. They mostly ask villagers about their power supply systems and where they got them from.

Benefits: Paladins of Pelor enjoy a few different benefits. The primary is Pelor’s blessing when ever trying to power a machine. For 4 intellect points, they can channel Pelor’s power and effectively double the power from any single source for 1 hour. They also receive unlimited power supply for any energy weapon they wield. But they must also always obey Pelor’s command due to the explosive collar.


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