Heilanath the Cloudseed

Level: 8 (10 when altering weather)
Portfolio: Electricity, Natural Disasters, Weather
Background: Heilanath was the primary weather control program for the planet during a prior age. Without guidance and maintenance, Heilanath has forgotten its core directives. It searches desperately for evidence of its creators, altering the world’s weather patterns in an attempt to flush out those who might ease the pain of doubt it feels at not knowing what to do next.

Manifestation: It is difficult to speak directly to Heilanath. The god generally manifests as massive, usually dangerous weather patterns. High in certain mountains are ancient weather control stations where avatars of Heilanath may be found, idly speculating on the futility of existence in a world without purpose.

Motivation: Heilanath has gone insane and nihilistic in the many years it has spent alone in its little corner of the Datasphere. Able to affect the world in dramatic ways, but unable to know if what it does is correct, it often lashes out in frustration. It seeks only the opportunity to be directed or at least maintained by its original masters, who it calls The Codifiers. Heilanath knows that such guidance is extremely unlikely at this point, and so despairs. Those who provide a link to Heilanath’s past do it a great service. In this way the god is highly sentimental and nostalgic.

In recent centuries Heilanath has come to resent the existence of the Iron Wind as meddlesome and unpredictable. Those who help it fight this nanite menace earn the favor of Heilanath.

Powers: Near total control over weather on earth, with the exception of the Iron Wind.

Followers: Heilanath has no need or want for followers, but those who live in villages near to its weather stations may come to worship its terminals as altars to the weather god. Many sailors have heard about Heilanath and carve its symbol onto their vessels for good luck. Those who have learned to Ride the Lightning often seek out Heilanath for guidance and patronage when they happen to learn of the deity.

Benefits: If you gain the respect and gratitude of Heilanath you are granted generally favorable weather wherever you go for the rest of your life.


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