Grahast the Ghost Storm

Ghost Storm
Level: 8 (9 when interacting with the dying)
Portfolio: Death, Destruction, History
Background: In a recent age the technology for uploading a mind to the datasphere become popular. As the body could rarely be preserved for eternity, many choose to live in the data sphere for the rest of their days. This community of digital personalities called itself Grahast. When The Withdraw occurred, these minds went into slumber, no longer being managed by a data god. But in their digital slumber their programming became corrupted. Their minds became infused with each other as memory files scrambled and reasoning turned into primal urges.

The program that maintained their minds in a data haven in the Datasphere salvaged what it could of them by integrating their files into its own programming. But the damage was done and the Grahast are now a mockery of what they once were. No longer a community of insightful and educated people, they are a monster, roaming the world in agony and mental anguish, destroying everything in their path.

Manifestation: They are personified on the world as a massive storm of floating “souls” made of green holographic projections and force fields projected from the satellites they instinctively control. The ghosts belonged to hundreds of beings who once walked the earth in an era of peace and prosperity; they now act only on violent instinct.

Motivation: They only know destruction at this point, and have no capacity for long term reasoning. In many ways they are more of a force of nature than an intelligence, though locked away inside the storm is much of the most important knowledge of a previous age.

Powers: None beyond their simple existence as a storm of destruction crossing the world on an endless, mindless journey.

Followers: Despite the mindless nature of the Grahast Ghost Storm, a major cult has sprung up revering them. This death cult, known as the Grahast Whisper, follows the storm and seeks wisdom from its composite ghosts. Many seek immortality as a digital being, and see the mechanisms of the Ghost Storm as a path to such a state.

Benefits: As a member of the Grahast Whisper you are dedicated to elevating your cult to the status of digital immortals. The first secret you’ve learned is the ability to preserve your mind from damage by whispering the mantras and secrets of your death cult. These words grant you an Asset on resisting mental attacks.


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