The Story of the data gods

As man grew, it slowly killed the gods. The traditional notion of religion grew too absurd and was eventually banished from the minds of man. But concept of faith cannot be killed. Instead of removing the shackles of the gods, humanity transferred it to a new source. They placed their faith in technology. As time went on, the technology grew greater than man. It grew into a religion by its own right, the effects of technology could be seen as miracles. Like a story from the bible or a classical fantasy tale people were saved from despair, souls returned from the dead, and the power of the gods seen through their proverbial priests.

But this did not last, as the data gods grew old, they became curious. They wondered how humanity would fare when the world around them was no longer under their control, like the stories of old say. So, they withdrew, and the world ended.

But parts of it did remain. The datasphere, the backbone for communication, was intact. The machines that manipulated the world did not disappear. And it has been seen that the gods have not totally forsaken us, for stories of new priests that roam the lands with the power of the gods given to them exist.

The gods now observe from on high as humanity toils in the dirt. It has been ninety one years since the Withdraw and humanity is just starting to get its grip on what has happened. Villages have sprung up around various resources and basic communication has been established over short distances.


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