Advanced Technology of the Old World

Advanced Technology of the Old World


The globally connected network that can be accessed from anywhere in the world. This technology was the cornerstone of the data gods project

Data Gods Project

Advanced AI, the data gods represented the pinnacle of humanity’s work into understanding the human mind. The matrix of neurons are able to be stored in a relatively small space and requires little power to function. The smallest of these storage devices could be powered with nothing more than a potato. As the data gods became easier and easier to create, they started replacing traditional systems of automation. An entire region of factories could be controlled by a single data god.

Brain Box

Part of a project to maintain the human consciousness after death, the brain box is a storage medium for human thought. A large machine would be used to copy the memories of a certain person into one of these storage mediums, then in theory, the personality of the person would be maintained. These projects had moderate success until the creation of the Data Gods. The breakthroughs required for the data gods came from the brain box and later the data gods were able to perfect the brain box. But the perfected version was not a copy of the mind. BB2 required the subject’s brain to be dissected and scanned on a deeper level. Thus, the BB2 was only used on those dying. They were given a second life but only in the data sphere and stuck in a box. Many chose this option but no one has been able to call a BBed person since the withdraw.

Iron Winds

A large cloud of nanites controlled by the datasphere. They were originally used as a way to quickly terraform large sections of farmland or construct small buildings but since the Withdraw control has been lost. The nanites now lie all across the wasteland in standby mode. On a few occasions in the past years the iron winds have activated and wiped out villages in minutes and then dispersed entirely. No one knows what causes these fits of destruction.

Advanced Technology of the Old World

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