The world ended with a whisper and humanity was thrown into the dark ages once again. The technology they once held so dear has betrayed them, leaving them with little knowledge of how the world works. Ninety one years later, humanity has started to rebuild. Settlements have been established, but so has some of humanity’s more brutal systems of ruling. Slavery, genocide, and war have begun anew in this post-Withdraw world.

You now live in the Steadfast, the largest untouched patch of land. Agriculture and organized systems of government have sprouted up. But all is not peaceful in this valley. Your curiosity has set you on a path of exploration, leading you to meet interesting new people.

This will be the wiki site where most of the campaign information will be posted for your consumption. Possible jobs that can be taken, descriptions of people and places, and hints at the world as a whole live here for you to view at your leisure.
To view what is up so far, click the “wiki” button on the side bar and start with the world backstory and the list of gods.
This site will be updated frequently, so stay tuned for more information.

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